• One more good reason to visit Malta


    Spotted in Malta: a huge Coppa Cocktails promotion, on the wall of a new hotel opening soon, situated in the heart of Malta’s top entertainment district.

  • Sold in 40+ countries


    Coppa Cocktails is now available in 45 countries! From The United Kingdom and Germany to The Netherlands, Israël and Abu Dhabi. The latest countries that can enjoy…..

  • Desigual Family & Friends parties


    Spain based clothing brand Desigual hosts a number of Coppa Cocktails tastings. In flagship stores in Austria, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands and Switserland customers of…..

  • Coppa Cocktails videos


    Zwarte Cross 2015 Strandfestival ZAND 2015 Concert at Sea 2015

  • Which glass to use?


    At Coppa, we believe that enjoyment of the cocktail should be the only rule. So don’t get too uptight about which glass to use. If you don’t…..

  • Which fruit to use?


    Ready-to-serve Coppa Cocktails can be drunk with or without extra fruit dressing the glass. Are you going for the ultimate cocktail experience? Adding fruit completes the look,…..