7 Fun ideas to bring the party home this Christmas


There´s plenty of reasons to host a perfect party this winter. Wind and frost, restrictions, and upcoming holidays (it's Christmas time baby) invite us to stay home more this season. At Coppa Cocktails we decided to bring you a list of our 7 favorite tips for fun activities to keep you entertained these holidays.  

1. Movie night 

Bring out the cozy blankets, cocktails or hot chocolate milk and watch all the latest blockbusters. Nothing beats the feeling of putting your feet up and relaxing on the couch tucked away. We can't promise you we won't be jealous. To create the perfect lounge setting, try our Amaretto Sour to match the winter vibes.

2. Pub quiz with friends 

Organize a pub quiz this Christmas, online or at home. Create different topics (animals, science, trivia, popular cultures) you name it, the weirder the better. Make sure you have a small prize for the winner to increase competitiveness amongst contenders. Invite people to join online and form teams. May the smartest win! 

3. Baking Competition 

Host the ultimate baking competition. Challenge your friends and family and find out who is the best home baker. Get your aprons out and those mittens ready, it's time to bake!  

When the house smells like fresh cinnamon buns from the oven, we are ready for the best part; the tasting. Remember, there are no losers here, only winners. Who doesn't love homemade cookies, pie, or other baked deliciousness? Remember nothing tastes better than sharing the things you love with those important to you. 

Bonus challenge: Try and see which cocktail goes best with your fresh pastries. Our personal favorite is the White Russian, which goes perfect with a little bit of sweetness. tmp_1639395528051

4. Board games 

Nothing beats game nights with family, friends and loved ones. Whether you enjoy cards, puzzles, family games. Try some of the old classics: Become the street mayor in Monopoly, conquering the world in Risk or roll the dice in Yahtzee. 

5. Snowball fight 

Is it snowing outside? great! Put on your gloves and get out there. Crush your opponents in a classic snowball fight, sleigh down the snowy slopes or build the greatest snowman. The holidays are the perfect moment to go out and enjoy the beautiful white scenery. After an intense battle, the rivalry can be settled accompanied by great drinks, for every occasion. Find your favorite cocktail on our website.  

6. You´re never too late (or early) to learn   

Have you always wanted to learn something new or pick up a cool skill? Everyone has that one thing they want to learn but never got around to. This is the perfect time to shine. Whether it is finishing that favorite book, knitting a scarf, or learning a new language. Regardless of what new skill you decide to pick up, we will be there, every sip of the way. 

7. Ice, Ice baby 

Ice is perfect for more than just cocktails. Enjoy the wintertime in its full glory by exploring the frozen lakes or show off your best figure skating moves. Don´t forget to come prepared. Bring some mini´s to enjoy while you are On the Go and taking in the beautiful scenery of the frozen lakes. Don´t forget to add ice, there should be plenty of it for everyone to enjoy delicious Coppa Cocktails together. 

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