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About us

Premium cocktails
served in an effortless way

About Coppa Cocktails

At Coppa Cocktails we help bring people together in celebration of life, love and friends with the most delicious cocktails on the planet. 

Our irresistible range of ready-to-drink-cocktails is created together with award-winning mixologists. By challenging the conventions of how high-quality cocktails are served, Coppa Cocktails becomes the obvious choice for premium cocktails, made easy. Just pour your favorite Coppa Cocktails in your glass of choice over ice and enjoy!  

Produced with natural ingredients and certified colors, Coppa Cocktails deliver the best and most natural tasting ready-to-drink cocktails in the world. Just add ice and get a delicious, fresh, high-quality cocktail in an instant. 

Top bartender quality

Highly sophisticated cocktails served in an effortless way with a level of quality that you can only expect from your favorite cocktail bar. Fast, premium, easy, and irresistible delicious. 

Remember; Just add ice!

A wide range of delicious flavors

Discover the broadest range of international ready-to-drink cocktails on the marketChoose between a wide range of award-winning Coppa Cocktails and find one favorite for every happy occasion 

Premium Natural Ingredients

Coppa cocktails are made with natural ingredients, certified colors and premium spirits, giving you the best and most natural tasting ready-to-drink cocktails in the world. Just add ice!  

Perfect sip, every time

We have developed a method to ensure our Coppa Cocktails deliver a consistent superior taste every time. Our bottle sleeve helps conserve the ingredients, giving it a prolonged shelf life, perfect for those spontaneous get-togethers.  

Easy to serve

Throwing the perfect party or get-together should be easy. No more shaking, stirring, recipe reading and trips to the store. Just choose your favorite Coppa Cocktails and pour over ice!

How it all started

Coppa Cocktails was first developed as an innovative solution for bars, clubs, and restaurants to deliver the highest quality cocktails without the need for skilled bartenders.  

In the late 2010's we started noticing a growing interest for more innovative and high-quality cocktails made with natural ingredients. In 2019 we decided to rebrand Coppa Cocktails, introducing a new, easier way of serving extremely tasty high-quality cocktails to cocktail curious people around the globe.  

With a wide range of delicious flavors we want to help you serve the perfect cocktail in an effortless way. Remember; just add ice!  

Every occasion has a perfect flavor

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Our Culture

At Coppa Cocktails we aim to inspire real connections through social, high-quality experiences. We are more than a cocktail. We are an instigator for cocktail change. Through our global community of cocktail curious people, we come together to celebrate life, love and friends. We embrace diversity, authenticity, quality, and ease, turning any occasion into a celebration.

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