Glassware - Which ones you need and why


In the professional world of bartending, glassware plays a vital role in delivering the ultimate drinking experience. When making cocktails at home, the same glassware can make for fun conversation starters. Whether you are looking to upgrade your IG feed with cool cocktail pics, impress your guest or just make a great cocktail even greater, here are the 4 glass types you need in your collection. 

Knowing your glassware is easy if you learn the basics. In this post we highlight the 4 glasses that you need, to start off your home bar with a bang.  

Highball glasses 

The highball is one of the most popular drinking glasses in the world. Used for creating quick and beautiful cocktails, the high ball is made to be a perfect party glass. It is stackable, easy to machine wash and for creating cocktails in larger volumes for bigger crowds. Make sure to perfect your cocktail by adding a fresh garnish and lots of ice.  

Don´t want to go through the hassle of shaking your cocktail?
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Mojito or Strawberry Daiquiri to bring back those summer vibes at home. Perfect for sipping from highball glasses at every occasion, with friends, family and loved ones 

Rocks glasses 

Lowballs, Old fashioned, and Rocks glasses, all belong to the same category of small tumblers. These glasses often come with a thicker base, which originally serves for muddling cocktails. The smaller size of glass also helps with the stability of the drink by preventing it from falling over as easily as other more fragile glasses. Some examples of cocktails that are served in rocks glasses are the classic and world famous Negroni,  White Russian and Whiskey Sour Cocktail.  

Martini/Coupé glass

Got inspired by the latest James Bond, or are you maybe dreaming of celebrating life at the coolest rooftop parties? No cocktail glass looks more sophisticated than the classic martini or coupé glass. These luxurious stemmed glasses are always served without ice and need to be shaken to serve the drink as cold as possible. Some movies that cocktails starred in, include the Cosmopolitan from Sex in the city. Want to feel fancy, try our delicious Passionfruit Martini, served in a chilled coupe glass with a half passion fruit as garnish. 


Specialty glasses  

The speciality glass category consists of all the special oddball glasses used in the world of bartending. These are often glasses that are created for specific cocktails or occasions. Some crowd favorites include the Irish Coffee mugs, sour glasses, and one of our personal favorites, the Tiki glass, is inspired by Tahitian Tiki totems. These Tiki glasses are often used to serve  tropical cocktails such as the Mai Tai and the Piña Colada. We recommend every aspiring home bartender to have at least a couple of specialty glasses at hand. Fun, cool, and made for the most amazing pictures, the Tiki glasses becomes the perfect conversations starters.  

If you´ve made it all the way here, you´re well on your way to setting up your home bar to serve those delicious alcoholic concoctions that we know and love. Make sure to follow us on social media for drinks inspo and delicious tasting cocktails. Remember, just add ice!  Cheers and with love, Coppa Cocktails