Coppa Cocktails is an award winning premixed, ready to drink, cocktail range concept. A simple, fast and no-nonsense way to serve consistently great tasting cocktails , serve after serve, offering a significant serving time advantage. Just add ice and dress with some fresh fruit. Be your own bartender!
Flavors Pina Colada, Tequila Sunrise and White Russian are suitable for Vegetarians.
All other flavors are suitable for Vegans.
Pina Colada and White Russian contain milk-protein.
All other flavors have not allergens exceeding allowed quantities.
There are no nuts in any of the Coppa Cocktails.
For your information: The lactose content in our Coppa Cocktails Pina Colada 10% alcohol is 0.014g/L
(All values per 100mL - in alphabetical order)
Cosmopolitan: 90kcal, 376KJ, 8,0g Sugar
Long Island Iced Tea: 105kcal, 438KJ, 18,9g Sugar
Mojito: 108kcal, 454KJ, 18,8g Sugar
Pina Colada: 331kcal, 1388KJ, 18,8g Sugar
Rum&Ginger: 93kcal, 391KJ, 10,1g Sugar
Sex on the Beach: 115kcal, 481KJ, 13,9g Sugar
Strawberry Daiquiri: 123kcal, 517KJ, 15,7g Sugar
Tequila Sunrise: 107kcal, 449KJ, 31,0g Sugar