• Coppa cocktails pina colada

    A cocktail based on white rum, coconut oil and the taste of pineapple juice. The name from the cocktail is directly translated from Spanish as ‘strained pineapple’. One of the world’s most favourite cocktails, was born in Puerto Rico, but the identity of the bartender who first mixed up the iconic rum-based cocktail remains a point of contention.
    However, the development of the modern-day beach cocktail would not have been possible until the 1954 invention of a key ingredient, a pre-made cream of coconut. In 1978 the Piña colada was declared the national drink of Puerto Rico, and the next year it was cemented into pop culture with tis iconic chorus: “If you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain.”

    Save time, with the Coppa Cocktails Piña Colada. Just add ice!


    Creamy coconut combined with pineapple and rum


    700 ml, 20L, 30L